3 Techniques in Tahiti - Running Time 01:24.

These are three different techniques demonstrated at Teahupo'o.The first is my friend's unidentified uncle doing stand up paddle.The guy was extremely happy after he came out as you can imagine.Getting this deep and completing your waves exit doing sup is very dificult.Notice the paddle being dragged to slow him down for the tube.The second guy is doing traditional paddle-in surfing on a relatively large wave previous to Raimana's wave on the same set.He is an unidentified Brazilian.The set perspective is also a unique angle from pretty far out in the channel.I respect all of these disciplines and just wanted to show the contrasts of the 3 at a heavy spot.I will be adding some of the heavier waves of body boarder's soon as well.

(Posted 9-24-11’)

Music by:StickyrecordS

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