Indo Tripping 1 - Running Time 04:30

INTRO: Lonely Holiday:A Post Tsunami Account of Surfing in the Mentawais.

This is an artsy piece mostly filmed on Bali at Uluwatu.Some of the local boys from Indonesia.The second part of surfing/ boat trip scenery is Trent "The traveling Feral's"intro and first accounts of his adventures and destruction created by the huge earthquakes striking the Mentawais over the past couple years...

Finally,after three hours squeezed into a dugout canoe and forty-five rain soaked minutes on the back of a motorbike we make it to the Police Headquarters in ,Tua Pejat, the capital of the Mentawais.Soaking wet and tired all we would like is to file a stolen property report and get to a hotel as soon as possible.As luck would have it is 8:30 p.m. and that means that Indonesian Idol is on the T.V. and interrupting the entertainment would not be a good way to begin. We wait until a commercial break to be acknowledged and then politely explain our situation.As luck would have it the one officer on duty tonight capable to write the report is not there and we would have to wait for him to return.In the Mentawais this could take days,literally.Idol is back on and all interest in us and our situation is lost, I pull up a chair, light a cigarette,and act vaguely amused in contestant #3.Little did I know now that this little mission to Tua Pejat to handle some unfortunate business would turn out to be more of a blessing than a burden, Mother Nature had a few curve balls up her sleeve and she was about to send them our way right in the middle of my surfing holiday...

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